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Founded 2011 proAgile Ltd is an award-winning agile and lean training, coaching and consultancy provider. Always at the cutting edge of Agile and Lean thinking proAgile uses ‘ValueFlowQuality‘ education to build and grow internal capability for faster, better quality and higher value products and services.  proAgile provides tailored education transformation strategy advice aimed at creating alignment and cohesion across the whole enterprise for their product lifecycle.

Agile Clients

Clients we have helped adopt Agile include:Tesco Technology, High Speed 2, Cabinet Office, DWP, DFID (UK Aid), Marine Coast Guard Agency, Driving Standard Agency, VHI Healthcare, EoN Sweden, O2, Scottish Government, Gateshead Council, Netpark and many SMEs.

Why you should use proAgile for Agile Coaching

There are those whose reputation often precedes them. Fred (ProAgile Founder) was regarded as the one stop shop for helping those first considering a move towards Agile. One of the finest trainers that I have ever met, he comes across with a passion that is infectious and has lead to the highest quality feedback that I have ever seen.

Paul Dolman-Darrall. Chairman at Gamevy

Learn Agile from the best in the business

proAgile is an accredited BCS training provider and delivers best in class Agile training programmes from Emergn. Listed below are some of the courses we can deliver to help your business deliver world class projects, that are on budget, on-time and meet your business objectives. Listening is a key part of what we do, and we would love to help you. To find out more please get in touch.

Emergn Agile Practitioner Pathway

Agile Practioner Pathway

Emergn Agile Practitioner Pathway is designed for anyone working in a project environment and is looking to learn how to successfully apply Agile to their projects. In the Agile Practioner Pathway you’ll learn the essential elements of Agile – delivering early and often, optimising flow and using fast feedback.

Emergn Product Management Pathway

Product Management Pathway

The Emergn Product Management Pathway is designed for people who are looking to achieve Agile expertise in a product leadership role and the ability to understand business needs

Emergn Expert Coaching Pathway

Emergn Expert Coaching Pathway

The Emergn Expert Coaching Pathway is designed for people who are potential change agents in your organization. The Expert Coaching Pathway is typically used by organisations to train and develop their own Agile coaches, reducing the need for external support and support the rapid application of Agile within your projects and business practices.

Emergn VFQ Product Management Pathway – One Day

VFQ Fundamentals

The VFQ Value Flow Quality Fundamentals is a one day introductory course covering four key areas of Agile. Why Change? Delivering Early and Often. Optimizing Flow. Feedback. Applying these Agile Practitioner fundamentals will help you to build the right thing and build it right, with control and flexibility.

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile

he BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile is a distance learning course with an end of course exam. Designed for anyone working in a project environment the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile will help you to bridge the gap between Agile theory and practice. Through engaging work-based practical exercises candidates learn how to apply Agile to their projects through work-based learning, gain the skills adopt – and adapt – Agile methods in your organisation.

proAgile Agile Expertise

proAgile logo

If you are looking to make an immediate impact with your projects, then proAgile can help. proAgile are experts in the application of Agile methodologies and can help you to build the right thing, built it right with control and flexibility. proAgile works cross-organisationally and cross-disciplinarily from the Executive to delivery team level enabling the successful adoption of Agile and Lean management strategies and practices at programme and project level.

Every journey starts with the first step

If you need get Agile or Lean, then we can help. Get in touch and tell us more about your Agile project requirements. Listening is a key part of what we do, and we look forward to helping you.

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